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Chris Lewis
Staff Veterinarian DVM
I grew up in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas. I began my academic career at the University of Texas at Arlington working toward a degree in architecture and interior design. While in undergrad, I was hired on as a kennel technician at a veterinary practice in Fort Worth. I began receiving more advanced technical training, and quickly realized that I enjoyed what I was doing at work much more than what I was studying in school. With that realization, my academic path took a full 180-degree turn and I began pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. After working as a technician assistant for several years, I decided to pursue vet school. I moved to Colorado and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Master’s degree in Microbiology at Colorado State University, and after a 14-year career as a veterinary technician assistant, received my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University.

As a veterinarian, I love working with cats and am passionate about feline medicine and behavior. I believe strongly in Fear Free practices and strive each day to ensure that all my patients, dog and cat, are able to have a low-stress, Fear Free experience when they come to see me. I love working with geriatric patients and helping these beloved family members live healthy, happy, pain-free lives for as long as possible.

I share my life with my husband and our critters. Together we have four cats, Squirrel (age 11), Eugene (age 9), Schrodinger (age 5), and Walter (7 months), and our Jack Russell Terrier, Electron (age 5). In my spare time, I love hiking, camping, fishing, woodworking, home renovation, and baking.


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