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Gail P.
Hospital Manager

I have been working at VCA Pahle Animal Hospital since May of 2013. I have over 25 years experience in the Veterinary field. My career started out in the boarding area of a Veterinary Hospital in the early 90's. I really enjoyed taking care of the boarding animals and it made me want to learn more about the Veterinary field. I spent about 3 years as a Veterinary Assistant before I took my first management position where I spent 5 years learning the ropes of how to manage a Veterinary Hospital.

I have been a member of the Wisconsin Veterinary Hospital Managers Association since 2000. I have served as Treasurer, Secretary and as President of this organization.

I currently live with my husband, Steve, and our 4 fur babies: Franklin (standard Dachshund/beagle mix), Tanky (Shar-Pei), Maizie a.k.a. The Noodle (mini Shar-Pei), and Bear Oso (Shar-Pei). Bear is our very special needs boy due to him completely losing his eyesight by age 3. Except his face is so wrinkly that when we tell people he cannot see, they usually respond with, "Are you sure? He gets around so well." "Yes. We removed his eyeballs." We think he has spidey senses that he uses to get around. He also doesn't take it personally when "you" bump into him.