Primary Care


While your general practitioner veterinarian can perform routine teeth cleanings and dental examinations, certain problems require the care of a doctor who has had specialized training in veterinary dentistry in order to provide the very best outcome for your pet. Your veterinary dental specialist will work closely with your general practitioner veterinarian to resolve your pet's dental problem.

Our hospital offers a wide variety of Dentistry Services. At your pet’s annual examination a Dental health Assessment will be performed. At that time, it may be determined that they require a dental cleaning. Routine veterinary dentistry, at VCA Park Cities Animal Hospital, involves prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), polishing, fluoride treatment and dental radiographs.

Dental prophylaxis is performed with your pet under general anesthesia. It involves cleaning the surface of each tooth and scaling below the gum line, where food, bacteria, and tartar build up. To ensure the safety of your pet, pre-operative blood work will be performed prior to anesthesia.

During a dental procedure, your veterinarian evaluates your pet’s teeth for fractures, caries (cavities) excessive wear and other abnormalities. Your veterinarian will also examine around the gums to deter periodontal disease.

Sometimes teeth need to be pulled and dental x-rays will aid in this determination. In addition, the radiographs assist in the evaluation of periodontal and other oral diseases. If it is determined that your pet has more advanced dental or periodontal disease, your veterinarian may recommend more specialized procedures.

Signs That A Pet May Need Dental Care:

  • Bad breath
  • Drooling or excessive salivation
  • Pawing at the teeth or mouth
  • Discoloration or staining of the teeth
  • Visible tartar on the teeth
  • Red, irritated, swollen, or bleeding gumsLoose or missing teeth
  • Difficulty eating
  • Discharge from the nose
  • Swelling under the eyes
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Lethargy and loss of vitality