Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding

Each cat is housed in a 2 story multi-room condo which allows your pet to play and exercise while you are away. It also allows a place for the more timid cat to hide. Close attention is paid by our staff to feed your pets according to your instructions. It is recommended that you bring in your own pet food to alleviate any stomach upset. All cats are given a litter box within their housing area and there are plenty of blankets to keep them cozy. We ask that you do not bring any of your own blankets and bedding as once they need to be laundered they are at risk of getting misplaced.

What are the requirements for boarding my cat?

* Rabies Vaccine

* Panleukopenia Vaccine

* Physical Exam within the last year

* Negative Fecal within the last year

If your cat is missing any of these items, please call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment at least 10 days prior to boarding.

Please contact us at 781-337-6622 if you have any questions regarding our boarding facility, pricing, or to schedule a tour with our staff. We ask that you schedule your pets stay in advance to make sure that we can accommodate your needs.