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Rachael Johnson
Medical Director DVM

Dr. Johnson grew up in Oswego, New York until moving to the Philadelphia area for undergraduate studies. She earned a bachelor’s degree with biology major in 1995 from Swarthmore College. After time off from her studies to work and travel, she returned to Philadelphia to study veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Continuing her migration south, she moved to Miami and joined our practice in 2002. Her family includes three dogs, (Manu, Ellie, and Lilah), husband (Alvaro), daughter (Micaela), and son (Mateo).

Dr. Johnson studied biology and pre-med in undergrad, but developed a love for veterinary medicine after college. Needing veterinary experience for an internship at a wildlife rescue center, she worked in the office of a large animal clinic in Upstate NY. As part of the job, she was invited to go out on call with the vets once a week. It was then that her true love of medicine and working with animals took shape. She went on to work at a humane society and took home her first puppy love, a lab mix named Mickey. She continued her pursuits while applying to vet school, gaining experience working as a tech at a small animal hospital. She got the wildlife rehab internship in Seattle and had the thrill of working alongside vets caring for all kinds of injured and sick wildlife, from bears to birds. At vet school, she decided that although zoo and wildlife medicine is a fascinating field, her passion was in caring for companion animals, and has been happily taking care of dogs and cats in small animal practice since graduating in 2002.


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