Pet Boarding

VCA Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital offers a high quality "Animal Hotel" which offers many of the same comforts as home. A caretaker remains on the premises even after business hours, so you can put your mind at ease when you leave your pet's care in our hands. Having 24 hour monitoring allows us to provide extra care that your pet would normally have at home.  We also offer daycare which includes all of the same care and amenities extended to our overnight boarders.

Please speak with a Customer Service Representative about Sunday pickup instructions. 

Jen, our Animal Hotel Supervisor will be more than happy to talk with you as well!

Maintaining a sanitary environment is one of the most important and difficult undertakings involved with animal hospitals and pet boarding facilities. Maintaining our high standards allows for a clean, safe environment for your pet. Our practices attempt to minimize the spread of common conditions such as tracheobronchitis, also known as kennel cough, and feline upper respiratory infections.
The following are just a few steps we take to ensure the safety and enjoyment of every guest:

    • Every dog is walked and exercised numerous times during the day and early evening.

    • A continuous air flow system.

    • All guests must be current on their vaccinations and fecal parasite test.

    • Suites are cleaned to ensure every guest has a comfortable, sanitary place to sleep.

    • Boarding appointments book up a lot faster during the holidays, so make sure you reserve your pet's stay today!

Boarding & Grooming Requirements: 

Written proof of vaccines (administered by a veterinarian) must be received prior to making a boarding/grooming reservation.

*A physical exam at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital within the last 12 months prior to boarding will be required for the following circumstances:

Pets with chronic medical issues
Pets on chronic medications
Examples include (but aren’t limited to): diabetes, heart disease, seizure disorders, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, etc…
This is so that our doctors have a current and accurate picture of any health needs your pet may have while staying with us.
*All vaccinations, for all guests, must be completed/updated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding/grooming. For the safety and well-being of all our boarding/grooming guests, no exceptions will be made to this protocol.

*Puppies and kittens must be fully vaccinated prior to boarding/grooming.

*Rabies vaccines: if it’s the first rabies vaccine, or an unknown vaccine history, they must wait 28 days after vaccination prior to boarding/grooming.

*Boarding guests with medications:

Medications MUST be in the original container with the original prescription label on the container. Anything else is unacceptable and cannot be accepted. This is for safety with medication administration and there will be no exceptions to this protocol.

Available Services
  • We have a dedicated feline room that is located in a quiet region of the animal hospital.   There are also some suites that can allow your feline companion to look outside throughout the day and evening.   Several bird feeders have also been placed outside to help them enjoy nature.... Read more

  • We have three suite sizes for you to choose from. Each suite has more than enough room to stretch out in and your pet will keep the same suite throughout their stay. We want to treat every pet that stays with us like a VIP, so please feel free to leave any special blankets or toys for them during their stay.... Read more

  • Our Doggy Day Care keeps your dog well cared for and supervised throughout the day, while engaging them in playful and meaningful activity. We schedule activities that keep most dogs well socialized and exercised.

    Our Doggy Day Care is carefully supervised.... Read more