Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding

We have a dedicated feline room that is located in a quiet region of the animal hospital.  There are also some suites that can allow your feline companion to look outside throughout the day and evening.  Several bird feeders have also been placed outside to help them enjoy nature.  Each cat resides in a condo-style suite that can be adjoined if you have more than one guest staying with us. As with our canine guests, each cat receives individualized care by our caretaker both day and night.

Every feline guest who stays with us will experience:

Soothing music to keep your feline companion comfortable.
Quiet location of the animal hospital to help minimize stress.  We have several doors adjacent to the feline room to keep out noise.
Ventilation system to allow for continuous fresh air exchanges throughout the day

Boarding Requirements: 
Vaccines: rabies, distemper (FVRCP)
A negative fecal exam within the last 6 months prior to boarding/grooming
Our feline guests must be on flea prevention.

Written proof of vaccines (administered by a veterinarian) must be received prior to making a boarding/grooming reservation.

A physical exam at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital within the last 12 months prior to boarding will be required for the following circumstances:

Pets with chronic medical issues
Pets on chronic medications
Examples include (but aren’t limited to): diabetes, heart disease, seizure disorders, Hyperthyroidism, etc…

**All vaccinations, for all guests, must be completed/updated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding/grooming. For the safety and well-being of all our boarding/grooming guests, no exceptions will be made to this protocol.**

 Kittens must be fully vaccinated prior to boarding/grooming.
Rabies vaccines: if it’s the first rabies vaccine, or an unknown vaccine history, they must wait 28 days after vaccination prior to boarding/grooming.

Boarding guests with medications:

Medications MUST be in the original container with the original prescription label on the container. Anything else is unacceptable and cannot be accepted. This is for safety with medication administration and there will be no exceptions to this protocol.