Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

Our hospital's boarding facility has XL Suites to accommodate giant breed dogs comfortably, or sibling pairs who enjoy bunking together! We use large, fluffy Cabela beds or cozy chew resistant fleece for pets who enjoy beds. This area has three large windows for lots of natural light. Our hospital has 78 kennels, of varying sizes, so that we can appropriately customize kennel size to dog size.

Our devoted caretakers offer unique service to the pets that are staying with us. Dogs are leash walked and interacted with three times daily, not just placed in lonely runs. All pets' appetites and bodily functions are monitored and recorded AM & PM, along with any medications or special requirements your pet may need or desire (there is no additional charge for administering meds). We feed our guests Hills Science Diet, unless your pet requires a special diet that you bring along. As always, we are dedicated to health and cleanliness. All kennels are thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized each morning and all pets must be current on all vaccinations to stay with us. Many of our clients choose to have services or procedures done while they board with us so that their pet can recuperate here rather than at home. We also give baths! Please call us with any additional questions you may have.

Most pets simply LOVE to come and vacation with can see it in their happy body language!!! Dogs have great intuition, and they enjoy the TLC that our compassionate caretakers provide. Additionally, you can rest at ease knowing that your pet is in the hands of veterinarians & veterinary technicians, who are trained to identify any physical or behavioral signs that need to be addressed. It just makes good sense to board your beloved 4-legged family with us!