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If Your Pet Must Be Hospitalized

We understand that being away from your pet while he or she is receiving treatment and care in our hospital can be a worrisome time. We want you to know that when your pet stays with us at VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic, he or she will be examined and carefully monitored by our outstanding staff of technicians and veterinarians. We ensure that all of the pet patients who stay with us overnight are cared for by some of the best trained and most caring people in veterinary medicine. Our dedicated staff will be there for all of your pet's needs.

For more information download our Hospitalized Pet Information brochure.

Who will be taking care of my pet?

Our hospital is staffed 24 hours a day. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians are on duty in the clinic at all times to observe, monitor, and treat your pet. We have over 70 doctor shifts to cover each week, so it is not always possible for your pet to be cared for by the same doctor. Depending upon the length of your pet's hospitalization, his or her care may be transferred from one of our highly skilled veterinarians to another because of shift changes and rotations. Because they work together as a team and have access to your pet's electronic medical records, our staff can ensure that your pet receives comprehensive, continuous care throughout his or her stay with us.

May I leave personal belongings with my pet?

Yes, you may, but we do not recommend leaving any personal items. Personal belongings may get soiled or lost when we are cleaning and sanitizing the runs and cages. However, if you feel personal belongings will bring comfort to your pet during his or her stay, we will gladly keep them with him or her with the understanding that we cannot be held responsible for lost or ruined items.

When may I call or should I expect to receive a call regarding my pet's condition?

After your pet is admitted, the veterinarian will usually let you know when to expect a phone call. The veterinarian caring for your pet will call at least once daily with the latest test results and an update on your pet's condition and will tell you when to expect the next call. To ensure good communication between you and the Loomis Basin staff, please provide us with contact numbers and your preferred method of contact where you can readily be reached. We often find it useful to have one member of the family as the consistent contact person to ensure communication about your pet's condition is as clear and efficient as possible.

You may call anytime for updates from our staff; however, veterinarians are not always immediately available to take calls because they may be caring for another pet or involved in an emergency. Please understand that if you call before or after normal appointment hours, our staff may be fully involved with emergency cases and unable to speak with you right away.

May I visit my pet while he or she is in the hospital?

Visits depend upon what your pet's veterinarian recommends and what kind of emergency triages are in progress. Certain medical conditions may require that your pet remain still and calm, using his or her energy for healing. For some pets, visits may unnecessarily excite them. They may expend energy responding to your visit that would be better used for the healing process. In these circumstances, your pet's doctor may discourage visits. In other cases, visits may be encouraged by your veterinarian to lift your pet's spirits. Please respect any ongoing clinic activities and whenever possible, limit your visits to between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily. In all cases, please respect our recommendations on how advisable visits are and how long they should be.

What will my pet's stay in the hospital be like?

Your pet's stay in our hospital may vary according to doctor's recommendations, but we do strive to discharge patients to their home environment as soon as realistically possible. A typical hospital routine is as follows:

Your pet will be placed in a cage or kennel that meets his or her medical needs and provides comfort for his or her size and condition. Depending on the circumstances, the doctor will determine if your pet will be kenneled in the Intensive Care Unit, Isolation, or the general medical ward. Dogs are walked by one of our caring technician assistants a minimum of three times daily unless directed otherwise by the doctor.

All hospitalized animals receive food, water, and treatments (medications, fluids, blood draws, and so on) according to doctor's instructions. Our excellent nursing staff administers treatments and monitors patients based on the doctor's instructions and the patient's medical needs. We are fully staffed 24 hours every day so that all necessary treatments can be administered as needed, around the clock. You can be sure your pet is in the best hands.

How will I know when my pet can come home?

The doctor or assigned staff will notify you when your pet can go home and if it will be necessary for you to schedule a discharge appointment to meet with a doctor or a technician to receive formal after-care instructions.