Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding

Our feline friends are boarded in a separate area from our dog guests at VCA PetMed. This provides a quieter, more stress-free environment for your feline family members. VCA PetMed features two boarding suite options. Choose from a comfortable, luxury kitty condo or a clean, roomy kennel. Of course, with either of these boarding choices, your pet is provided the care and attention it deserves. Cats too are given the option of playtimes and daily brushings. We have a small quiet room they can play in with toys and cat scratchers, or just lounge in our cat tree and watch all the action around them. Call us today to book your reservation (615) 731-8074.

Pet Boarding During The Holidays

During the holidays we have taken steps to limit overbooking. In order to provide the excellent care you expect from VCA PetMed, we require a deposit that is equal to one night's stay for all major holidays. Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours before the date of your reservation or your deposit will be forfeited. When reservations are canceled in a timely fashion, we can keep the credit on your account or we can issue a refund to you, whichever you choose.