Pet Grooming


As part of our exceptional customer service for pet owners, VCA PetMed offers grooming treatments for your canine and feline companions. Our trained pet stylists work with you to achieve the desired results, from clean and fresh to those special cuts.

Grooming Is an Essential Pet Care Service

Regular grooming is an important part of pet health. A healthy coat and clean, pliable skin protects the pet from many problems, including offensive odors and parasites. Diligent care of the skin and coat prevents overlooked skin infections, lesions, reactions, infestations, and a variety of diseases.

Regular brushing of both long and short haired breeds removes loose hair, dirt, and dead skin, while stimulating circulation. Brushing distributes your pet’s natural oils, enriching the coat and preventing those mats that cause discomfort and an offensive odor.

In addition, grooming can be a wonderful experience for pets and owners. The resulting closeness, positive attention, and enjoyable handling of a fresh-smelling pet enhances the relationship and helps build trust.

With a full groom, your pet receives a shampoo and blow dry, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a finishing touch such as bows or a bandana. We even offer additional services such as teeth brushing and medicated baths.

Regular baths, hair trimming, and brushing are important to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. Certain long-haired breeds, such as shih tzus and lhasa apsos, require grooming every four to six weeks to maintain their coats in top shape. Our experienced groomers will assist in creating a grooming plan to keep your pet healthy and beautiful!

Available Grooming Services

Our trained groomers and stylists can give your dogs and cats the grooming treatment they deserve. Services include:

  • Mini grooms
  • Scissor grooms
  • Shave downs
  • Professional bathing
  • Therapeutic treatments

All grooming services include a nail trim and ear cleaning.

Professional grooming is available daily with one of our groomers. However, for your convenience, we recommend scheduling your appointment well in advance. Contact our receptionist to schedule your appointment today!

For your convenience you can download the Grooming Form. Complete this form and bring it with you to your pet's appointment or email the form to [email protected].