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Veterinary Assistant

I have always enjoyed the presence of animals since I was a little girl. I enjoy working with people as well. I've always loved to help educate in any way I possibly can. I joined the VCA team 21 years ago as a Client Service Representative. I gained knowledge at that position for about 3 years and then became a veterinary assistant.  This was always my ambition to work hands-on with animals.  I enjoy anesthetic procedures, dental cleanings, and dental radiology and have mastered blood draws over the years. However, these departments used to be a struggle for me. I have always wanted to further pursue my career in the veterinary profession. I utilize goals on a daily basis to ensure my growth as a human as well as a veterinary assistant. I find that challenging myself every day keeps me motivated and loving what I do.  I enjoy giving clients new information and tools to utilize as an owner to make their lives and their pets lives a lot easier. 

My future goals are to continue to increase the education to clients for their pet's needs and learning new departments in any way I possibly can. I would also love to increase my education in the anesthetic and radiology world. I have 1 dog and 1 cat that are my children. My meshed family has 1 dog and 1 cat as well in our household. I feel that our 4-legged babies are our children. They need us to speak for them when they can't.

Veterinarian Support

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