Primary Care


Periodic professional dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining the health of your pet. At VCA Willow Mill Veterinary Hospital, we have a modern dental suite dedicated to performing dental cleanings, dental radiographs (x-rays), extractions and other dental procedures.

A comprehensive dental cleaning, which requires general anesthesia, includes a full examination of the teeth and oral cavity, charting and probing of all teeth and gums, ultrasonic scaling, hand-scaling, and finally, polishing of the teeth. Digital radiographs are employed to identify hidden disease below the gum line including dental fractures and abscesses, impacted teeth and other abnormalities.

Your pet's safety while under anesthesia is our utmost priority. Every patient will have a comprehensive physical exam and baseline bloodwork and urinalysis prior to any anesthetic procedure to screen for any hidden health concerns. A team consisting of a veterinarian and certified technician will monitor your pets heart rate and rhythm, respiratory function and oxygen concentrations, blood pressure and other vital signs throughout the entire procedure.