Advanced Care

Soft Tissue Surgery

VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital's entire team of pet surgeons are committed to helping your pets whenever they need any kind of pet surgery. As a 24/7 pet surgery hospital outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we are here whenever your pet needs help. We are ready for pet emergencies, scheduled surgeries, or routine procedures such as spay and neuter surgeries. Our entire staff is highly-trained to deliver the safest, most advanced surgical techniques and support from pre-op to post-op. We carefully screen all of our patients before surgery to make sure we are aware of every aspect of their health; this enables us to administer safe, individually-tailored anesthetics for your pet. Your pet's safety, health and a quick recovery are our top priorities!

We want every pet surgery to be as successful and comfortable as possible and have invested much in time, talent and resources to make that happen for your pet. Here at VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital, your special family member will have access to the best we have to offer:

A highly-trained, compassionate team of veterinary and technical support staff who constantly live up to the AAHA standard of excellence for our pet surgery hospital.
The latest in pet surgery equipment and technology with advanced sterilization techniques for optimum safety and heated operating tables for your pet's comfort.
ECG and oxygen saturation monitors that constantly keep an eye on your pet's vital signs during surgery.
Advanced diagnostics tools such as pet radiology services, ultrasound and an in-house laboratory. Our advanced pet radiology services, laboratory and ultrasound technologies help us clearly evaluate your pet's cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems from different angles for the best outcomes.
An in-house veterinary pharmacy to support pain management and the pet surgery process before, during and after the operation. We want to keep your pet as comfortable as possible!
A carefully-screened, in-house veterinary blood bank. VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital is one of the few pet surgery hospitals in the area that has a blood bank ready for any surgery or emergency that requires a transfusion. All of the blood in our blood bank has been carefully screened and only comes from donor pets we know who are living at home with their families.
Intensive post-operative care for all of our patients to eliminate secondary infections and help them feel better and heal as quickly as possible.
• Our relationship with the Veterinary Surgical Center (VSC) enables us to get further specialized consultations for particularly complicated surgeries. VSC's board-certified pet surgeons include specialists in neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology and more.

Our entire VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital pet surgery team is ready to help your pet whenever there is an emergency, an ongoing health problem, or simply needs to be spayed or neutered.