Primary Care

In-House Pharmacy

At VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital, your pet’s complete health and wellness is our goal. We carry a wide selection of prescription pet food lines specifically designed to support pets with special health concerns. Our fully-stocked in-house pharmacy is available 24/7 for any urgent or routine pet medicine needs.

We carry every pet medicine from flea, tick and heartworm preventatives to antibiotics and pain management drugs, as well as pet medicines for managing chronic conditions and pet surgery. Our pricing is also very competitive; although many people think buying pet medicine from online pharmacies is cheaper and quicker, that practice carries a significant amount of risk to your pet’s health because there is no guarantee that you are getting the correct, high-quality, FDA-approved drugs your pet needs. When purchasing your prescriptions from VCA Woodbridge Animal hospital, however, you can be assured that:

• Drug manufacturers guarantee and support medicines sold through VCA Woodbridge Animal Hospital (but they don’t guarantee drugs sold through online pharmacies)
• You know where the drugs came from and that they are properly dated for safety and efficacy
• You receive all of the pertinent literature about the reason for the pet medicine and its possible side effects
• You can discuss any concerns you have directly with our veterinarians and pharmacy staff
• You can enjoy the convenience of one-stop-shopping for all of your pet medicines, and have them delivered directly to your door for a nominal fee
• You can automatically refill prescriptions by calling us at 703-897-5665