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Dental Care

What is the most common disease that affects dogs and cats? Periodontal disease! Plaque and bacteria are combining on your pet's teeth every day to form tartar and lead to gingivitis. Many owners believe tartar and bad breath and gingivitis to be normal for their pets. Actually, all are indications of periodontal disease which can cause severe pain and infection in your pet's mouth and even disease in other organs such as the heart, lungs, or kidneys.

Pets need their teeth cleaned just like we do. Our doctors, along with our dental nurses, perform both preventative cleanings and more advanced dental treatments under general anesthesia. Your pet's health and safety under anesthesia are our top priorities. Please see some of our informational handouts below for more specifics. If you have questions or would like an estimate for a procedure for your pet please contact us. If your pet is scheduled for a procedure and you would like to fill out his form before coming in, it is also available below.

These forms are available online. Please fill out and print any necessary forms. Then be sure to bring them with you to the clinic.