Primary Care

General Surgery

Our doctors perform many types of general surgery utilizing cutting edge anesthesia. We offer routine elective surgeries such as spays, neuters and declaws as well as more specialized procedures such as mass removals, bladder surgery and orthopedic surgery. We perform pre-screening labwork to be sure that your pet????????s liver, kidneys, and other internal organs are functioning properly. We offer intravenous fluids for all procedures to ensure that your pet stays hydrated with an adequate blood pressure throughout the day. One of our veterinarians will devise an anesthetic plan that is customized to best fit your pet????????s needs. During each procedure, your pet????????s respiration, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygenation levels are monitored and recorded continuously. Your pet is also monitored closely as he wakes after the procedure until he goes home that evening. The surgical nurse assigned to your pet that day coordinates the scheduling, care and monitoring of all surgery patients. If you would like more information regarding a surgical procedure for your pet, please call us at 817.267.4672.

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