Advanced Care


BBVH assists cancer patients from all over Northern Nevada and Northern California. Sadly, our pets develop many of the same types of cancer that people get. In the past, cancer was a certain death sentence for animals, but today there are a variety of cancers and tumors that can be successfully treated.

Advances in the knowledge of tumor biology, nutrition, surgery, and chemotherapeutic agents have provided options for cancer treatment like never before.

Early Detection of Cancer in Pets is Critical
Early detection and treatment are very important in the successful management of tumors in pets. Routine examinations are recommended for any animal, especially those over 8 years of age, and for certain breeds of dogs (golden retrievers, boxers) that have a relatively higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. In addition, BBVH is one of the few hospitals in Nevada that offers the new therapy for malignant melanomas, a devastating diagnosis.