Advanced Care


Another minimally invasive procedure, is a modern technique in which abdominal surgery is performed through a few small incisions, as compared to one larger with traditional surgery. A laparoscope - a telescopic rod lens system - is usually connected to a video camera, which allows the surgeon to see magnified detailed images on a TV monitor while performing the procedure. There are a number of advantages to laparoscopic surgery versus the traditional open procedure, such as reduced blood loss, less pain, and faster recovery time.

Laparoscopic procedures we now perform include: Gastropexy – permanently attaching the stomach to the body wall to prevent deadly bloat in giant breed dogs; Ovariectomy – removal of the ovaries, also called a laparoscopic spay; Cryptorchid neuter – removal of an abdominally-retained testicle; and Abdominal exploratories, with biopsies of the liver, pancreas, intestine, or spleen.