Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

Our goal at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center is to duplicate your dog’s or cat’s at-home care as closely as possible to diminish the stress of being away from home and provide your pet with a fun, comfortable stay. Our accommodations come in a range of sizes and your pet’s boarding visit can include a number of activity upgrades. VCA Companion’s trained kennel staff makes sure your animal is fed its specialized or prescription diet, given its medicine and given the highest level of medical care. For extra convenience, your pet can have a dental cleaning, wellness check-up or receive its vaccinations during its stay.

The majority of our accommodations are atrium-style enclosures with Plexiglas doors. These kennels make your pet feel less enclosed, and more comfortable. If you have multiple pets that are best buddies, they can even stay together in our roomy suites and traditional lodgings.

Our Basic Boarding Accommodations Include:

  • Twice daily feedings in clean bowls
  • Access to clean water at all times
  • Three daily exercise periods in grassy fenced yard—night walks available
  • Our experienced kennel staff can monitor your pet’s behavior and keep a daily log of eating, eliminations, general demeanor and medications, if needed
  • Premium bedding provided by Palace Pet Beds
  • Television for the pampered pet
  • Clean, disinfected accommodations
  • Love and affection from our staff of pet lovers
  • Radiant heat for cooler weather

VCA Companion Animal Medical Center is open seven days a week (only closed a few days a year). Most boarding facilities are closed on weekends, which often adds additional nights of boarding for your pet. If you know you are not going to be able to pick up or drop off your pet when scheduled, please call us immediately.