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Oren Debotton
Staff Veterinarian DVM
Dr. Debotton is originally from Los Angeles, California where she spent 18 years of her life as a professional ballet dancer. After retiring from the ballet company, she moved to Colorado to attend CSU. Dr. Debotton found her passion to become a veterinarian rather spontaneously. She felt a commonality with captive animals who performed daily for community audiences. These animals expressed themselves without a voice, similar to dancers. 

Dr. Debotton attended veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences, in Pomona, California, and completed her internship in Denver, Colorado. She spent the start of her veterinary career as an emergency veterinarian in one of Colorado's most busy ER hospitals. Other than Dr. Debotton's love for dancing and animals, she enjoys spending her free time on some kind of board: surfboard, snowboard, or wakeboard.


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