Primary Care

Dental Care

Pet health is of the utmost importance for a domestic animal to thrive in his or her home environment. VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital specializes in dog & cat dentistry in Reno. Most people overlook the need for keeping their pets teeth clean but their upkeep is necessary for your companion's good health and longevity. Your pet deserves the best when it comes to their dental health. Anyone searching for a dog dentist or a cat dentist in Reno can bring their pet here for a professional treatment.

VCA Lakeside Has A Special Interest In Animal Dentistry

Healthy teeth and gums are key to your pet's good health. VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital can put together a comprehensive plan to improve your pet's health, starting with good dental hygiene. Regular professional care of your dog's or cat's teeth and gums is necessary for most pets, just as it is for you.

The old, tired adage that eating a dry pet food maintains healthy teeth just isn't true, any more than eating only dry, hard food would maintain your teeth without help from a dentist! Our veterinary dental facility is fully equipped for procedures ranging from routine cleaning and polishing to surgical extractions and intraoral x-rays. We use the same individualized anesthetic plans and monitoring for your pet as we would in our surgical suite.

Regular Checkups

Like humans, dogs and cats need regular teeth cleanings and checkups if they are to have an optimal amount of health. Progressively more pet owners are realizing this as the number of those who inquire about dental health increase every year.

At VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital, we provide the services necessary for your cat or dog to get the most professional pet dental health exams in Reno. Well-respected by all of our customers, our facilities for dentistry are just as optimal as our other surgical facilities. We have high qualifications across the board, and, most importantly, we care about the customers' pets just as much as we care about our own children and pets. At VCA Lakeside, your pets are safe and well cared for, and are most certainly in good hands.