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Euthanasia Services

Here at VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital, we understand that the end of your pet's life is a highly emotional event for you and your entire family. We want to make our resources available to you to help you make informed decisions involving your pet's possible hospice and euthanasia options.

In our clinic, we pride ourselves on holistic care that treats the individualized needs of every animal. You can rest assured that we will care for your pet during this time with the most respectful treatment in Reno. Our staff of sensitive veterinarians and assistants are available to answer any concerns you have before, during, and after the procedure.

Euthanasia: The Hardest Decision

Having to make the decision to end a pet's life is never easy. It is a subject that many people do not want to talk about until they have to, but then it becomes a decision made under emotional stress. The purpose of this article is to explore what happens when an animal is put to sleep and how to handle the grief from losing a pet.

Euthanasia, by definition, is the act of inducing a painless death (from ancient Greek eu-thanos, meaning good death). Providing a pain-free, respectful and dignified death is of the utmost importance to our trained staff. The process is more than just humanely taking the life of an animal; it involves the scientific and empathetic considerations of providing each animal with the least amount of stress.

Euthanasia solutions consist of a combination of chemicals intended to provide a quick and painless termination of nerve transmission while enacting complete muscle relaxation, ensuring that there is no thought, no sensation, and no pain. The effect is almost immediate: your animal loses consciousness and within two to three minutes, the brain activity ceases and the heart stops.

Cat euthanasia and dog euthanasia should be viewed as the ultimate act of love you can do for a beloved animal whose time to leave has arrived. At VCA Lakeside Animal Hospital in Reno, we have the resources to guide you through this grieving time.