Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding

Our hospital offers cat boarding you can trust while you are away. Boarding at our facility is ideal, because we tend to the needs of each specific cat, including those with conditions that require monitoring or medication. Our staff monitors your cat daily, and the close proximity to our hospital means that there are veterinarians available if problems arise. If you are new to us and your cat will require medical monitoring or medical care, we will want to review your cat's case prior to admission to ensure that we are able to provide the level of care necessary for your cat's unique needs.  

We will review your cat's vaccination history to make sure that everything is up to date before he or she boards with us. We require cats to be at least 4 months of age and be current on their FVRCP and Rabies vaccines prior to drop off for boarding. Vaccines must be given at least 14 days prior to drop off. 

A rigorous cleaning schedule is followed to ensure that our feline facilities are sterilized between boarders. We abide by a strict no raw food policy for our facility. We maintain climate-control settings so your cat is comfortable both day and night. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to check on your cat, a member of our staff will always be happy to speak with you by phone or email. Ask about receiving text updates during your trip.

Ask our staff about the option of additional amenities or extras, and the associated costs. Please make reservations in advance, especially during the holiday season, so we can best accommodate your cat. Call us today to set up your cat's reservation!