Pet Grooming

Among all the caring services we provide your pet, our hospital offers grooming services. Brushing, bathing, and trimming aren't only about good looks; we consider them a must for good health!

Your pet’s comfort and well-being are always the top priority of our grooming staff members. To ensure your furry pal looks AND feels great, call to make an appointment today!

Available Services
  • Canine Bath:
    All canine baths include an ear cleaning and a nail trim. Prices vary according to weight. Baths can also be requested for boarding pets, but we may not be able to accommodate without an advanced reservation during busy holiday periods.... Read more

  • Our professional groomer Cherie will provide your pet with a quality pampering experience from the first puppy cut through looking dapper into the senior years.  
    Cherie will personally greet you when you arrive for your pet's appointment and will inquire about your preferences for your pet.   She can accommodate all breed cuts, as well as special requests.... Read more

  • Nail trimming is a very common grooming need for pets. Dogs have an area of nerves and blood vessels within their nail bed called the "quick. " Cutting the nail too short can cause a lot of bleeding and major discomfort to your pet.... Read more