Advanced Care

Orthopedic Surgery

Bone fractures, usually the result of a too-close encounter with a car, used to be the most common surgical orthopedic problem presented at our hospital.

However, now the most common orthopedic problem is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, similar to the injury that football players sometimes get. This injury is often seen in young, healthy dogs that were simply running and playing. Surgical reconstruction of the knee is required to prevent a lifetime of pain.

When a fracture does occur, we can treat it a variety of ways depending on its location and type.

Just as in people, many fractures can be treated with a cast. Others require one of several types of surgical intervention, depending on the location and type of fracture involved.

Pinning is a surgical technique in which a stainless steel rod is inserted into the bone to stabilize the fractured area.

Plating is a surgical technique in which a flat stainless steel plate is attached with screws to the bone on either side of the fracture.

External fixation is a technique used to stabilize fractures with a series of pins on the outside of the leg that pass through the skin and into the bone on either side of the fracture.

Some of these orthopedic procedures are complex. In these cases, we bring in a board-certified veterinary surgeon to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome for your beloved pet.

We hope you never have to use our orthopedic services for this purpose. However, in the event that you do, you can be assured that we’ll proceed with a treatment that will enhance your pet’s healing and reduce the potential for long-term problems.