Primary Care


With our new digital radiology unit, VCA Mission Animal and Bird Hospital no longer uses x-ray film or toxic developing chemicals. When our state-of-the-art radiology equipment takes the image, it appears on our high-resolution monitor almost immediately. With digital capabilities previously only found in advanced human hospitals, our doctors and x-ray technicians can adjust the contrast, lighten or darken areas of the image, and even change the magnification of what they’re looking at.

This means that fewer images are needed, and therefore your pet is exposed to less radiation.

The greater accuracy and flexibility of this equipment means doctors can see lesions, such as small tumors, that was not visible with the older technology. This enables earlier diagnosis and treatment for your pet’s illnesses or diseases.

It also means your pet’s image can be sent instantly to veterinary specialists anywhere in the world – giving you access expert opinions and medical advice well beyond anything available before!

You can even view your pet’s x-ray images on our website within 24 hours!