Preventive Care


VCA Murphy Road Animal Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the USA to adopt this technology. Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. We offer the most widely used microchip products to increase the chances of a safe recovery. Microchips cannot be altered, and are proof of ownership. Your pet receives a simple injection and is identified for life. Make certain that your pet is protected and never fear a lost pet again!

What is a Micro Chip?

A Micro Chip is an identification chip the size of a grain of rice implanted beneath the skin of your pet. Micro Chips are used by veterinarians, animal shelters, animal control, and farms to locate a lost pet. Typically the chip is inserted between the back of the neck between the shoulder blades on the dorsal midline.

Is Micro Chipping painful for my pet?

Micro Chipping your pet can be uncomfortable but it is a quick, simple procedure that we prefer to do during a treatment to ensure your pet does not experience any pain. One of our trained veterinarians will inject the chip with a syringe and make a record of the chip's ID number. This chip will have a unique identification code that you will need to keep on record in the case your pet goes missing.

How do I look up my pet's Micro Chip I.D.?

If in the unfortunate event your pet goes missing, there are a few simple steps to take in locating your pet.

  1. Go to
  2. This website will determine for you the company in which your chip came from.
  3. Insert the Micro Chip ID number given to you by our vets
  4. Call our office with any questions or issues you may have regarding your pet's micro chip 615.383.4241