Primary Care

Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine services are extensive, including:

Our veterinary cardiologist handles the diagnosis and treatment of the heart and large blood vessel diseases. Disease and abnormalities of the heart including arrhythmia, canine valvular insufficiency, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease can all effect the wellbeing and lifespan of your pet.

Our veterinary ophthalmologist specializes in the vision care of your pet, diagnoses and treats diseases of the eye. Anatomy, physiology, and disease of the eye are all areas that our trained specialist will examine to determine the state of your pet's ocular health.

Our veterinary neurologists provides comprehensive care for patients with neurology disorders. Disorders of the nervous system can range from issues of the brain, spinal, cord, and peripheral nervous system. Through examination and advanced diagnostic testing, our neurologist will be able to locate, identify, and diagnose any neurological issues your pet may be experiencing.

Our veterinary dermatologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating animal hair, ears, skin, nails, paws, and mouth disorders. Along with diagnosing these critical parts of your pet, a dermatologist can also specialize in rashes, hair loss, bumps, infections, fungus, hormonal disease, and allergic reactions. One of the most frequent skin issues our dermatologist treat in Nashville, TN is itchy skin due to allergic reactions from airborne, environmental, domestic irritants. It's always a good time to get your pet tested for allergies!

Our veterinary gastroenterologist handles treatment of intestine and digestion disorders in animals. Another reoccurring complication our doctors treat very frequently is intestinal issue in dogs as a result of eating a foreign object. Our pets curiosity never ceases and if we aren't careful, they can end up in the hospital with severe gastro-intestinal issues.

Our veterinary oncologist deals with cancer diagnosis and treatment in animals. Cancer affects many animals in many stages of life. The doctors of Murphy Road Animal Hospital use a multi-modality approach to treat this disease. We will set up and co-ordinate the referrals and treatment options required. This may involve a combination of traditional therapies, primarily surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, combined with medicine's newest modalities such as biological therapy and immunotherapy. We stock many oncology drugs in our pharmacy.

Our veterinary endocrinologist is dedicated to diagnosing and treating pets with hormonal disease ranging from diabetes, hyperthyroidim, hypothroidism, Addison's disease, and Cushing's disease. The endocrine system is incredibly intricate and often times hormonal disorders can be treated in a variety of different ways through various diagnostic testing.