Primary Care

Health Certificates

There are two types of health certificates available, one which approves your pet for travel within the continental United States, and another which approves them for international travel. 

At a minimum, acquiring a health certificate will require you to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.  Your pet will receive an overall exam during which the doctor will be able to certify that your pet is healthy and safe for travel.  The doctor will also verify that the rabies vaccination is current, as this is mandatory.

We work closely with the USDA office in VA to be sure that you will have the proper paperwork to allow your pet to travel with you anywhere in the world.  Different countries have different specific requirements, and we can provide anything you need, as well as help guide you through the process to obtain correct documentation.  Please be aware that it can take months to properly prepare for international travel, depending on where you are going, so call as early as you know of travel plans so we can make sure your pet is as ready as you are.