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VCA SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Center

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Sarah Sheafor, DVM, DACVIM-Oncology, Medical Director
VCA SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Center

VCA SouthPaws is located at:
8500 Arlington Blvd., Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 752-9100
Fax: (703) 752-9200

Services provided by CVCA
Direct Line: (571) 348-3888
Fax: (571) 395-8434
Email: [email protected]

CritiCare (24-Hour Emergency and Critical Care Department)
Direct Line: (703) 752-9102
Fax: (703) 752-9202
Email: [email protected]

Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology
Direct Line: (703) 752-9104
Fax: (703) 752-9204

Internal Medicine
Direct Line: (703) 752-9143
Fax: (703) 752-9206
Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: (703) 752-9108
Fax: (703) 752-9208
Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: (703) 752-9171
Fax: (703) 752-9203
Email: [email protected]

Services Provided by Pet Rehab
Direct Line: (571) 213-2624
Fax: (703) 444-9735
Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: (703) 752-9115
Fax: (703) 752-9210
Email: [email protected]