Pet Boarding

When you have to travel and can't bring your pet, you can trust our hospital to offer compassionate care while you are away. If you have questions about what boarding options are available for your pet, please contact our hospital to discuss rates and availability. So we can better serve you and your pet, please make reservations in advance, especially around the holidays.
Available Services
  • VCA Wiles Road offers a variety of boarding options for your feathered family members.   Please contact us at 954-752-1879 for additional information or stop by for a tour of our facilities and meet our caring staff.

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  • Cat Boarding

    Our hospital offers cat boarding you can trust It is sometimes difficult to find a boarding facility that will tend to the needs of your cat while you are away ... Read more

  • If you have to be away and cannot take your companion with you, we are happy to care for them in our climate controlled boarding facilities. We have a variety of housing options to suit all types of pets. We strive to make sure every pet is comfortable, happy, and well cared for while you are away.... Read more

  • Dog Boarding

    Boarding at our facility is ideal, especially if your dog has certain medical conditions that require monitoring or medication There will be staff to monitor your dog closely and manage any problems that may arise

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  • In addition to short-term boarding, our hospital offers extended stay cat and dog boarding you can trust.  

    If you need to leave your pet over a longer period of time, we are happy to provide care and attention until you return. We recommend that you bring your pet's food and any special bedding or toys with them to make the boarding experience as stress-free as possible.... Read more

  • Pocket Pet Boarding

    Our hospital offers pocket pet boarding you can trust. If you have struggled to find a boarding facility for your rabbit, hamster, gerbil, or other pocket pets, look no further! We offer ideal boarding conditions, especially if your pet requires extra monitoring or medication. Our staff keeps a close eye on your pet, and our proximity to and relationship with veterinarians means that medical care is available if problems arise.... Read more