Advanced Care

In addition to general care services, we are also capable of specialty care services not normally found in animal hospitals. Our full surgical capabilities range from routine spays to orthopedic – all performed in a safe environment and complete with customized pain control protocols.

Available Services
  • Digital radiology is a modern twist on a traditional diagnostic procedure. The process is not unlike taking a digital picture and then manipulating and enhancing the image. Instead of taking a picture of the outside of the body, however, this technology allows us to look inside.... Read more

  • Ultrasounds are a valuable tool in veterinary medicine – they allow veterinarians the ability to gain priceless information often missed by other diagnostic methods in a noninvasive procedure. Because ultrasounds are noninvasive (they don’t require surgery), they are entirely painless for your pet. The majority of patients don’t need anesthesia to remain comfortable, but a light sedative to promote relaxation may be administered depending on the pet’s demeanor and desired outcome of the ultrasound.... Read more