Preventive Care

Adult and Senior Wellness

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

Yearly, regular diagnostic testing of your cat or dog when they are outwardly healthy can allow us to detect illnesses and potential health issues before your pet is sick. A physical examination can tell us a lot about your pet's health, but blood work, fecal screening, urinalysis, and x-rays can tell us even more! By intervening early if a problem is found, we can formulate a plan and treatment to help your pet to continue to thrive and live a long and healthy life.

VCA East Mill Plain Animal Hospital is pleased to offer wellness packages* for all stages of life--some of which come with a complimentary examination! If you are about to schedule your yearly examination, please ask about our wellness packages and have your dog or cat be given a clean bill of health...both inside and out!

*sick pets do not qualify