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Covadonga Talavera, Staff Veterinarian


School: Universidad Complutense of Madrid

Dr. Cova Talavera was born in Madrid, Spain. Due to her curiosity for science and knowledge of health and disease, she found her passion in veterinary medicine, which increased during her years at the University. She graduated in 1992, at Universidad Complutense of Madrid, while Dr. Talavera was already involved as a volunteer at the Veterinary Services in the Madrid Zoo. Love for animals and wildlife led her to be committed as veterinarian and curator in this prestigious zoo for 15 years. That stage of her life turned when she came to Miami in 2006.

Seeking new opportunities for her family’s life, Dr. Talavera thought that her profession should be focused in the small animal field. While studying for the American accreditation, she had the opportunity to collaborate with recognized and specialized veterinarians in Miami area.

As a mother of three children, Dr. Talavera enjoys having talks with them during meals. She is delighted with Miami’s weather and landscaping. As much as she can, she walks on sunny days, practices yoga, and goes to the ocean with her friends.

“I've always been enthusiastic in taking care of animals that were injured along the streets. I am a fan of small details and enjoy learning from my fellow researchers and colleagues. My compassion for pets and the understanding of their owners is something I have learned in the past years.”

Cova Talavera

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