Primary Care

Dental X Rays

Our hospital offers Dental Radiographs (X-Rays) as part of our extensive Dentistry Services. In the course of dental treatment, specially designed dental radiology equipment enables your veterinarian to view structures that lie below the gum line.

The location of tooth root infections, the extent of periodontal bone loss and the identification of bone cysts and tumors can be identified using dental x-rays. With this knowledge the best decisions can be made in the treatment of your pet.

Anesthesia is required prior to taking dental x-rays. A small x-ray film or dental x-ray sensor is then placed in the mouth, and a movable dental x-ray machine is adjusted to project x-rays through the tooth and jaw onto the plate.

The resulting image can then be viewed in order to make a diagnosis. Treatment can be carried out immediately or scheduled for a later date, based on the decision reached together by the client and doctor.