Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding

We know your dogs are part of the family and we treat them as such. We lavish attention, treats, exercise, and TLC on them in your absence. Dogs are showered in natural sunlight from the glass block windows found in each dog run. Everyone visits our outside exercise yard several times daily. As an add-on service, you may request any of our new "Pooch Perks", bathing, a nail trim, examination or any other service offered at VCA Stoney Creek while your pet boards with us.

Our outdoor exercise yard is covered with K9 Grass, the only artificial turf specifically designed for dogs. This turf is for the comfort, safety, and cleanliness of all of our canine boarders and doggy daycare participants.


"Pooch Perks"

Nature Walks - Two extra leash walks in our private wooded doggie daycare area.

Doggy Day Care - Group play and pool time with other doggy daycare participants.

TV/Sofa Time - Twenty minutes of private play and TV time in our new "Camp Stoney" apartment fitted with a TV, sofa, and all the amenities your pet is used to at home. Perfect for the spoiled pet that prefers a quieter activity, a relaxing belly rub, or a massage.

Fetch Time - Twenty minutes one of one time with a staff member playing fetch in our large play yard.

Nighttime Kong Treat - A Kong toy filled with peanut butter, given at nighttime for a yummy evening treat.

Puppy Care Package - Recommended for puppies under four months of age not taking advantage of at least one activity. Includes boarding, mid-day lunch, two extra nature walks, and gourmet treats in the evening.

Senior Care Package - This all-inclusive boarding package includes boarding, an orthopedic bed, daily medication, two additional nature walks, and a gourmet treat every evening.