Preventive Care

Preventive Medicine

The cornerstone of good, preventive care begins with an annual or semi-annual examination. Owners certainly know their pets best and we rely heavily on your observations to help us care for your pets as they can not verbalize what problems they may have. As veterinarians, we are trained to detect more subtle changes and problems that might otherwise be overlooked. It is not uncommon for us to detect ear, skin or dental infections, heart murmurs or growths or tumors that may have been unnoticed at home. Our examinations and observations are among the most important things that we do in maintaining health and preventing disease in your pets.

Annual Blood Profiles and Heartworm Tests

Just as your doctor may order blood tests on you to evaluate your liver and kidneys and check such as things as your cholesterol level and blood sugar to check for diabetes; we advise annual blood testing on your pets to check for many of the same problems. Finding and initiating treatment EARLY, before a major crisis occurs is the best type of preventive medicine. Blood testing gives us the information we need to do this.