Preventive Care

Preventive care services are performed to help pets avoid disease and sickness and to ensure that they remain healthy. These services include vaccinations, parasite control, wellness exams, and weight management. Please click on any of the subheadings listed below to learn more about our services in preventive care.
Available Services
  • As your dog or cat enters his or her adult and senior years, age related problems may arise. Some of these changes may be incorrectly interpreted by owners as simply "growing old" when, in fact, a very treatable or manageable disease process may exist.

    As part of any annual physical exam, we recommend annual blood profiles to assess internal organs (liver, kidneys), red & and white blood cell counts, blood sugar levels, electrolytes (sodium & potassium) and much more.... Read more

  • Flea & Tick Control

    Fleas and ticks are capable of causing significant skin irritation in both dogs and cats. Additionally intestinal parasites such as tapeworms and diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever may be transmitted by these external parasites. Flea and tick control has been made easy with the use of once-a-month products for control of these insect pests.... Read more

  • Vaccines and regular health exams are critical preventive care measures to help protect pets from potentially deadly infectious diseases like Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Rabies in dogs; and Panleukopenia, Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV) and Rabies in cats.

    Vaccinations protect pets from disease by exposing their body's immune system to inactive or parts of a type of bacteria or virus. Our doctors will help you decide which vaccines are appropriate for your pet's risk factors.... Read more

  • The cornerstone of good, preventive care begins with an annual or semi-annual examination. Owners certainly know their pets best and we rely heavily on your observations to help us care for your pets as they can not verbalize what problems they may have. As veterinarians, we are trained to detect more subtle changes and problems that might otherwise be overlooked.... Read more

  • We attempt to tailor our vaccine protocol to the needs of you and your pet. Not all pets receive the same vaccinations. For instance a dog that frequents public parks, day care, boarding kennels or grooming parlors may receive more or different vaccinations than a dog that never leaves home.... Read more