Pet Boarding

Boarding FAQ

What will my pet eat?

We offer a dry diet of Royal Canin GI Low Fat for our canine guests and Science Diet Adult Optimal Care dry food our feline guests. These are high quality foods that are easy on the gastrointestinal tract. Our boarding guests love them! If your pet has a special dietary need, it is recommended that you provide your pets own food, this includes any canned or wet food as we do not provide canned diets. If we are caring for your exotic pet, we ask that you provide their food as well.

How often will my pet be allowed out for free time?

The canine boarding guests are walked and allowed free time to run, romp, and play three times a day in our large, secured yards.They are always supervised and are not allowed contact with other boarding guests unless requested by client. We believe free time outside is important for a positive stay in our facility. Cats are allowed out of their condos two to three times a day for free time and some extra T.L.C. If you would like a boarding upgrade.

Will my pet be allowed to interact with other pets?

Even pets that normally get along with other pets can become over stimulated in a group environment. For this reason, VCA All Pets' policy does not allow group play unless from a client that is boarding multiple pets from the same household.

What happens if my pet needs medical attention while boarding?

Our trained kennel staff monitors the daily habits of each boarding guest. We keep a daily log of water/food intake, outtake, any medications given,etc. Any abnormal changes in their behavior are reported to a veterinarian and a physical exam is performed at no additional cost to you. If additional treatments are deemed necessary, you will be contacted and would then be responsible for any required fees.

What do I need to bring for my pet’s boarding stay?

Feel free to bring a couple of items from home to help make your pet feel more at home with us. Please refrain from bringing bedding items and bowls as we do provide soft, thick, woolly blankets and bowls for your pet. If you prefer to pack light, VCA All Pets Hospital has everything your pet needs to have an enjoyable stay! Please note, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items left with us.

Will my pet be able to board at VCA All Pets if my pet has special needs?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate your pet with any special needs they may have. Please make sure to communicate any service or care your pet may require when making the reservation and at the time of boarding check in with the front desk.

Can I call and check in on my pet?

Yes! Please feel free to call the front desk anytime during our normal business hours and they will be happy to have one of our caring and professional kennel staff speak with you and give you an update on your pet.

Tips for Assuring a Positive Stay for Your Pet's Boarding Experience:

  • We know that preparing for and dropping off your beloved pet for a stay can be an emotional one and with that in mind we offer some valuable tips to insure a successful experience!
  • Remember that by keeping YOUR emotions in check, being prepared, and calm, will help make sure that your pet doesn’t pick up on your own feelings of sadness or nervousness. If you appear happy and assured, your pet will likely follow your lead.
  • It helps to bring along something that will remind your pet of home such as a familiar toy or treat. Please note that it may be best to leave very sentimental items at home.
  • Plan ahead and have any necessary medications or instructions that may be needed for your pet’s stay. We have our boarding medication forms available online for you to fill out prior to your arrival to make your drop off go smoothly.
  • Provide our staff with an updated vaccine history if your pet has never been vaccinated by VCA All Pets Hospital.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Canines: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Canine Influenza
  • Felines: Rabies, FVRCP
  • Ferrets: Rabies