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Veterinary Assistant

Shamra grew up in a small town in Arizona called Williams. From the moment she could walk she loved animals. Her first pet was a ferret called Stinky which defiantly lived up to his name. Her whole life she has been surrounded by different animals such as ferrets, cats, dogs, fish, birds, horses, goats, and Northern American wild animals. 

Shamra realized she wanted to pursue a career in the vet field when she was in elementary school and a friend found some kittens under a house who had lost their mother. Shamra ended up nursing all five kittens back to health and found them forever homes but of course, kept one to love named Gizmo. Shamra joined the team of VCA All Pets Salinas in 2020. 

Shamra has four dogs named Ollie, Tosha, Kona, and Bella. A goal she hopes to accomplish is to advance her skills and knowledge in the vet field.