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Alyssa Strumpf
Veterinary Specialist DVM (Practice Limited to Oncology)

Dr. Alyssa Strumpf was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She spent 8 years at Purdue University, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  After veterinary school, she spent a year at Colorado State University in laboratory animal medicine, with a focus on cancer research followed by a small animal rotating internship in Connecticut. Thereafter, she spent three years at Ohio State University earning her residency training in medical oncology. 

Dr. Strumpf takes an individualized approach to treating her patients, making sure the best therapy is offered to each patient based on their specific diagnosis and presentation. She offers both standard of care treatment and novel approaches to a variety of cancer diagnoses. She takes pride in having a team approach to her patients' care, making sure to address the needs of the supporting veterinary team, the families, and most importantly, advocating for the patients themselves. 

In her free time, Dr. Strumpf is an avid runner, enjoying and exploring the outdoors and mountains. She likes to partake in various activities, including cooking, hiking, discovering new restaurants and breweries, and exploring nature with her chocolate Labrador retriever, Lucky.


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