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Jean Reichle
Veterinary Specialist DVM, MS, DACVR

School: Ohio State University

A graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Reichle then completed her internship at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. After completing a radiology residency and Master of Science degree at Colorado State University, she successfully completed the ACVR exam to become a Diplomate (Board Certified Radiologist) of the ACVR. Following certification, she was a faculty member at the Ohio State University and then Medical Director of Animal Imaging in Los Angeles.

Dr. Reichle has published numerous articles on elbow dysplasia in dogs, thoracic ultrasound in small animals, CT/ultrasound appearance of kidney disease in cats, and ureteral polyps in dogs. Additional publications include frequent articles for PULSE magazine.

Her professional interests include elbow dysplasia and non-invasive interventional radiology.