Advanced Care


Our hospital offers Dermatology Services. Our veterinarians will perform a detailed history, physical examination and basic medical diagnostics in order to diagnose and treat many skin ailments. Common diagnostics performed include skin scrapings, Wood's Lamp examination, hair (fungal) culture, and punch biopsies. If your veterinarian feels your pet has a specific disease or injury requiring more advanced care or if they have not responded to therapy in an expected manner, they may refer you to a veterinary dermatologist, such as Dr Amy Haarstad of Haarstad Veterinary Dermatology, for further evaluation.

We are pleased to have Dr. Haarstad seeing patients here at VCA Animal Wellness Center!

Dr. Amy Haarstad grew up in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She then attended veterinary school at North Carolina State University and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 2001. The next year she completed a rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Purdue University. Then, Dr. Haarstad returned to the Twin Cities to work at a small animal practice for nine years.

After her time in general practice, Dr. Haarstad participated in a three year veterinary dermatology residency at McKeever Dermatology Clinics. She was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD) in 2014.

Dr. Haarstad specializes in the diagnosis and management of allergy, skin, and ear conditions in animals. She enjoys working as a team with pet parents and their family veterinarian to find answers and implement therapies that provide relief.

Conditions they diagnose, treat and manage include:
Environmental Allergies
Food Allergies
Ear Diseases
Skin Infections (Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, Parasitic)
Immune-mediated Skin Diseases
Endocrine (Hormonal) Diseases
Congenital (Inherited) Skin Diseases
Nail Diseases
Skin Growths

Consultation and Exam
Intradermal Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
Ear Disease Management
Diagnostic Food Trials
Skin Biopsy

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