Primary Care

General Surgery

VCA Animal Wellness Center of Maple grove is proud to be certified by the American Animal Hospitals Association (AAHA) for excellence in anesthesiology and surgery. AAHA accreditation sets the standard for excellence in veterinary medicine. Accreditation is voluntary and rigorous. Only 10% of the veterinary practices in the United States meet their criteria. Year after year AWC meets or surpasses hundreds of standards for patient care, anesthesia protocols, facilities, performance of surgical procedures, and equipment. Compliance to their standards translates into providing your pet with the highest level of patient care.

From the latest heated surgical tables to a carefully designed ventilation system, our highly skilled team will keep your pet safe and comfortable during surgery, while achieving the best possible outcome from the procedure.

We provide:

  • Majority of procedures performed by a laser surgical unit
  • Comprehensive orthopedic and soft-tissue surgical care
  • Board certified surgical expertise available for consultation
  • Cardiac, pulse, oxygen saturation, and respiratory monitors
  • Postoperative pain management

Surgical Team

The surgical team consists of the veterinary surgeon, a certified veterinary anesthetist, a certified surgery technician and a post-op recovery assistant. Every member of the team is focused on the safe recovery of the patient in their care. No two patients are the same and nothing is taken for granted.

Post Operative Recovery

Once the surgeon has completed the procedure and the gas anesthesia is discontinued, our patients are kept on oxygen and anesthetic monitors for the initial phase of their recovery. This is a critical period for the patient as they transition from the effects of anesthesia back to self regulation. The next phase takes place under the vigilance of the recovery assistant. This individual never leaves the patient’s side and is never farther away than arm’s length. Small patients are often held in the team member’s lap. Larger patients have their assistant seated immediately adjacent to their heated beds. Imagine waking up from surgery with a nurse gently stroking your head and tucking you in to keep you warm!

Pain Assessments are initiated as soon as the patient is conscious. Our patients are carefully monitored so that necessary adjustments are made.