Advanced Care

Advanced Dental Care

Our dental suite includes a Midmark Vetpro 1000 Dental Delivery System complete with a ultra-sonic scaling hand piece and a polishing hand piece, the high speed/low speed drill with fiber optic lighting and a compressed air and water flush hand piece. This unit allows us to perform the most basic dental cleaning with polishing as well as the most sophisticated tooth extractions. Our drill and tooth sectioning hand piece allows us to carefully cut and remove the most infected tooth and to drill out any remaining tooth roots or other pathology located in the mouth. Our compressed air and water flush handle piece as well as the fiber optic light on our drill ensures that we have a clean and visible area to work on ensuring that the best possible job can be done in the delicate procedure of tooth sectioning and extraction.

The tartar on the teeth is a composite of minerals from saliva, bacteria and food particles. This is what we see initially as soft plaque but then hardens into tartar, which then must be cleaned under general anesthesia with an ultra-sonic scaler. At this time that the pet is under anesthesia, tooth extractions are done, as well as any oral surgery that is needed. Antibiotics are crucial after dentals and sometimes before, as bacteria from the mouth will settle on the heart, kidneys and liver through the bloodstream.

A good dental cleaning is one of the fastest ways to improve your pet’s health and your pet's vitality. Call us today for a free evaluation of your pet’s teeth.