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Chris Larson
Staff Veterinarian DVM, MSc

A former graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Chris Larson completed his didactic education on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts where he adopted a Coconut Retriever named Hyde. Chris and Hyde then moved to Knoxville, TN to conclude his clinical training at University of Tennessee.

Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, Chris chose to move to Utah after veterinary school for the abundance of natural beauty, mountain bike trails, national parks, and ski slopes. As a Veterinary Associate at Cottonwood Animal Hospital, Chris is tremendously excited to be a part of such a dynamic team that offers the highest quality medicine, cutting edge technology, and gold standard of care. Chris's special interests in veterinary medicine include; critical care and emergency medicine, internal medicine, and soft tissue surgery.

Additionally, Chris has an extensive background in infectious disease research and holds a Master of Science in Toxicology from Colorado State University. His multidisciplinary background coupled with his deep seated passion for patient care uniquely qualify him to provide you with the best possible client experience.



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