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Euthanasia Services

 Our staff will help you cope with euthanasia and end of life arrangements, as many of us have already experienced this heart wrenching decision. Unfortunately, there comes a time in the life of all pets when the possibility of a recovery to a comfortable existence is no longer an option. It is our responsibility, as pet owners, to consider all possibilities to relieve their suffering to the best of our ability.

One option is the treatment of symptoms. Proper nursing care is critical when patients cannot care for themselves. Providing proper nutrition, hydration, warmth, and skin care provide them comfort. Medical management of symptoms like pain, nausea, digestive irregularities, respiratory congestion, and movement limitations should be addressed with your veterinarian for a plan designed specifically for your pet. When proper care is provided, the final days of life can provide peace to you and your family.

There may come a time when medical intervention no longer provides the level of comfort we hope our pets can sustain. This is when humane euthanasia is considered to alleviate the suffering of our beloved pet. The decision to move forward with euthanasia is among one of the most difficult choices we as pet owners ever have to make. Discussing your thoughts and concerns with your veterinarian will help you to determine whether it is appropriate or what signs to look for when considering this option. As a pet owner, you know your pet best – your veterinarian knows this more than anyone, and will support you through your decision making process.

In a quiet and comfortable environment, euthanasia is performed by a veterinarian with the injection of a high dose anesthetic directly into a vein through an IV catheter. Because an anesthetic is used, no discomfort is perceived by your pet, and he or she passes very quickly. The attending veterinarian will confirm that the heart, pulses and breathing all have stopped. Family members are welcome to be present for this process depending on their preference. Any person who does not wish to be present can rest assured that their pet will pass in the loving arms of a caring staff member.

Before euthanasia is performed, loved ones should decide how the pet's remains will be cared for. Since the end of life process is already a very emotionally painful experience, considering options in advance can reduce that emotional stress when the time comes. We provide a wide range of respectful options, from burial and private cremation to personalized urns and memorial trinkets.

Through consultation with your veterinarian and the hospital staff, the last days of a pet's life can be comfortable and can reflect the care and love that your pet has experienced throughout his or her entire life. While this is never an easy decision, we accept this responsibility when we bring them into our lives and commit to caring for them. Grief is a reminder that we loved and were loved – and letting your loved one exit this life with dignity and surrounded by love can be a very peaceful experience. Let us know how we can help you through this difficult time.