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Evelyn Aguilar
Veterinary Assistant

Evelyn Aguilar is a compassionate veterinary assistant who joined VCA in the late summer of 2023. She's been able to explore states like Washington and New Mexico and now the scenic Bay Area. Originally from the picturesque Colorado Springs, Colorado, Evelyn's journey into the world of animal care has been nothing short of remarkable. From an early age, Evelyn's family farm exposed her to a diverse range of animals, from loyal dogs and cats to gentle cows, clucking chickens, pigs, and majestic horses. She discovered her natural affinity for animals while pursuing a career in human medicine, realizing that her true calling lay in providing comfort and care to our furry companions.

Evelyn's dream is to continue to grow within the veterinary field, making a positive impact on both pets and their devoted owners. What she cherishes most about her work is the joy she brings to pet owners and the solace she offers their beloved fur-babies. For Evelyn, a life without animals is unimaginable.

At home, Evelyn and her husband share their love with Aibek, a lovable Shih Tzu mix, and Suki, a rescued Shih Tzu, saved from an abusive home. Beyond her work at our hospital, Evelyn dedicates her free time to fostering pets in need from various shelters, wherever and whenever she can lend a helping hand. When she's not at the hospital or caring for foster pets, Evelyn enjoys the simple pleasures of life. She loves to curl up with a good book, nurture her garden, whip up delicious baked treats, and embrace the thrill of skiing and hiking, always accompanied by her furry companions and supportive husband.

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