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Following assessment of an organ and the surrounding structures, ultrasound imaging is used to guide needle placement into a selected tissue or cavity. A sample of tissue or fluid may be drawn through the needle as an aspirate to analyze the cells or other contents of the sample (cytology and microbiology). A larger needle may be used to retrieve a small piece of solid tissue for a core-biopsy to analyze the architecture of the tissue (histopathology). Ultrasound guidance is commonly used to removing fluid from the chest cavity (thoracocentesis) and abdominal cavity (abdominocentesis).
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Diagnostic Imaging

Our state of the art hospital hosts a multitude of diagnostic equipment which our veterinarians and experienced technicians use to help accurately diagnose patients. Once we have a diagnosis, we are able to begin treatment and working towards making your pet feel better again. Our goal is to send your pet home happier and healthier than when they arrived to our hospital.

Our in house lab allows us to analyze your pet’s blood, urine and other bodily fluids. A blood test may reveal many different things about your pet’s health.

Digital Radiographs (x-rays)
Utilizing top of the line radiology equipment and software, we are able to quickly and clearly take radiographs of your pet. Radiographs can reveal a broken limb, an internal mass or obstruction.

Using an ultrasound allows us to effectively and non-invasively see what is going on inside of your pet. An ultrasound may show us any abnormal organ functions, masses or obstructions inside the cavities and organs.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
An ICU allows us to stabilize, monitor and care for pets in their most critical moments.

Surgical Suite
Surgery is often a form of treatment, especially in emergency care. Our suite offers a clean, sterile environment for surgery to be performed by our veterinarians. If necessary, a board certified veterinary surgeon is available on call at any time.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Services

Abdominal Ultrasonography Abdominocentesis and Cystocentesis
Digital Radiography
Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

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